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Company Introduction

The Novel Conceptual Drug Development through Innovative Research

ImmuneMed Inc. promises to become a world-trusted company based on creative high-tech intensive research and sound management. Our mission is on human health and welfare in terms of the treatment of incurable or obstinate diseases.

We believe that the human immune system itself is the most effective defense system of our body against various infectious diseases. These beliefs have been a guiding principle for our research over the years. Using the innate immune system, a new antiviral cytokine has been developed and the research has been done using various techniques, such as virus culture, protein purification, RT-PCR, gene cloning, ELISA, and MALDI-TOF spectrometry for protein expression in conjunction with animal experiments.


ImmuneMed discovers and develops burfiralimab, an antiviral substance.

Various chemical drugs and interferon are used as antiviral drugs, but there are many limitations in clinical practice. Chemical drugs have a problem of increasing tolerability when used continuously, and interferon can be used for various types of viruses, but its effectiveness is limited and there are many side effects. Burfiralimab, like interferon, is a biologically derived substance, and showed superior antiviral effect than interferon in various viral disease models.
It is evaluated that burfiralimab can overcome the limitations of chemical drugs and interferon while being effective against various viral diseases.

We conducted non-clinical efficacy and toxicity tests for target indications with IgG4 improved with human antibody and developed a GMP production process. Safety, tolerability, and dose-proportional pharmacokinetic properties were confirmed in a phase 1 clinical trial targeting healthy people in Korea. Phase 2 clinical trials for COVID-19 patients have been or are in progress in Korea, Indonesia, and Europe (Italy and Russia), respectively. According to the Indonesian clinical trial, burfiralimab showed a significant effect in severely ill patients. Based on the results from COVID-19 clinical studies, burfiralimab has shown therapeutic potential for pandemic crisis due to new or variant viruses. In addition, clinical trials for chronic hepatitis B patients are currently in progress in Korea, and various indications are being explored. PCT was applied for burfiralimab material and patented in Korea and USA.